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The CONQUM (CONstruction QUality Management) system was developed as a joint venture between OLAN AT&S Ltd. and Miki Yogev Engineering Ltd. for project management and quality control of construction works.

The aim of existing construction standards and current requirements of their implementation in the industry is to improve the quality of construction work. However, in real life, a wide range of onsite activities take place at the same time comprising different parts and phases of the construction project. For example, during the construction of multistory building, frame construction can be underway on one floor, while finishing work has already started on the lower floors and environment maintenance and improvement is ongoing at another part of the site. Even the most experienced professionals find it practically impossible to keep manual track of the entire scope of quality control parameters in all parallel processes while also dealing with human resource management, contacts with customers and subcontractors, timely supply of materials, machinery implementation, etc.

CONQUM enables the user to see each and every detail. It is based on existing construction work quality control standards and general requirements, which can be adjusted at the user’s discretion as per the specific characteristics and specifications of a particular construction process.

Using the application, which can be installed on a smartphone, the user can immediately control and document all the construction works onsite in real time. Moreover, documents created by the application include photos and onscreen signatures that can be distributed to all relevant participants in the project.

The system includes a section of project documentation management that provides quick access to all drawings and documents and enables version management and prompt notification of the project participants in case of amendments. The system is cloud based, providing authorized personnel with data available on any device and at any time. Task management and reminder mail-out functions are provided.

A statistics function collecting data on all deviations from the required quality parameters pinpoints the weak points in the construction process, thereby allowing continuous quality improvement of the construction company performance.

The system reflects the progress of construction stages and work performance quality control parameters both as a comprehensive project status and as a separate sub-projects’ view providing the company management with ongoing information about operations at different sites and allowing them to compare actual performance with plans and schedules.

The program ideology is based on the principle that information should be available and accessible to all the participants in a project – from the customer to the designers, as per their level of access to creating and managing documents. The developers believe that the quality of construction depends on the access the participants in a project have to the parameters that are of interest to them.

The system can be easily adapted to any user requirement and to various project types. Input and quality parameters can be customized as per local (country) standards and specific organizational (company) requirements.

The system’s vast range of capabilities and the continuous functionality upgrade and expansion work makes it an indispensable tool for quality control and management of construction processes.

Miki Yogev,

Cofounder and CMO

Cell: +972-52-8249090

Email: conqum@gmail.com